Parents involvement


Parents involvement

“अभिवादन”– Parent Induction Meet for New Parents in New session

At the beginning of the session an induction is organized for the parent to make them aware about:
  Education system
  Teaching Methods
  Evaluation pattern
  School policies related to student / parent
  General Code of Conduct

Parents/Principal Meet
Parent meet is conducted twice a year, one after SA-1 and the other before SA -2 to carry out discussion about the academic performance of the student. Parents are allotted exclusive time with the Head to discuss in detail about the following points:
  Subject Specific FA / SA results
  Subject Specific Home work / OBCT evaluation
  Result Analysis FA / SA specific
 Overall behavior with teachers / other students, Attendance & Discipline feedback.
 Suggestions for academic growth by Head / Principal / Subject Teachers
  CCA participation and achievement

Workshops / Seminars on: 
  Parenting Kids
  Teen Psychology

Parents/Teachers Meet
Subject specific performance behavioral concerns, if any submission of HW & Project work

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